Cambie Report

E-179 Jen St Denis and the NPA's really bad week

Episode Summary

Conflict of interest claims and fundraising loopholes bite the NPA while more independents come forward on the progressive side. Plus a number of electoral mechanics changes.

Episode Notes

Ian Bushfield and Patrick Meehan are joined by StarMetro's Jen St Denis (@jenstden) to catch up on the latest news in Vancouver politics.

First, we look at the conflict of interest claims filed against NPA councillor Hector Bremner and how the party says it won't not use a loophole in municipal campaign finance laws.

Then we go into the latest independents to come forward for the "progressive" side and how close Adriane Carr is to announcing her own bid for mayor.

Finally, we touch on some electoral mechanics changes including randomized ballots, a request to the province to let permanent residents vote and a weird story about a Facebook poll that purports to tell you who your ideal mayoral candidate would be.

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